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Inspections - R&R Industrial Services, Inc. inspects a variety of new and used machinery almost anywhere in the United States. We also provide detailed reports on pre-purchase inspection, inspections requested by OSHA as a consultant, and proposals for repairs based upon findings.

Pre-purchase inspections are performed to give the buyer an accurate and detailed report as to the conditions of the hydraulic, mechanical & electrical systems as well as the structural integrity, or framework. It is our policy not to recommend whether to purchase an equipment or not but to provide the necessary information for the client to make an informed decision and determine if the equipment is acceptable for their needs and use. Should more than one model or type be considered, we may make the recommendation to consider one machine over another.

Consultations - R&R Industrial Services, Inc. is available to our customers, lawyers, OSHA, or second party investigators as a professional, expert witness, and investigator for findings related to machinery failures or personnel injury cases. We work with OSHA by providing instructional aid on machinery and causes of injury. We assist on investigations for legal consultants in regards to personal injury, and have been called upon to give legal testimony, through the courts, for mechanical & electronics failures resulting in injury to personnel.
R&R Industrial Services, Inc. - Emergency Repairs and Rebuilding of Older, Obsolete and New Machinery